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What is mobile web designing?

The present market scenario requires businesses to live up to the expectations of increasingly tech-savvy clients, who want every need from banking to entertainment fulfilled at their fingertips. It is No longer enough to create a great website only for the desktop, laptop or notebook users. You’ve got to have a website that not only looks good but is also user-friendly on the state-of-the-art mobile phone interface too. Making your website easier and faster for mobile users to view your website is proven to increase online sales and business enquiries.

At Affordable Budget Websites we provide mobile solutions that completely change the way your business interacts with its mobile customers. Predictions show that by 2015, 3 out of 5 websites visits will come from a mobile device. If you still don't have a mobile-friendly version of your website you're most likely turning away potential customers without knowing it.Is your website mobile ready?

Nearly 80% of Smartphone owners use their phones for shopping and shopping related activities. (Google® Research, 2011) .

Reasons Why You Should Have a Mobile Website :

  1. Mobile Internet use is skyrocketing 
    1. Don’l look now, but the world has gone mobile. In fact, mobile device sales are incredibly strong and consequently mobile Internet usage is skyrocketing. In fact by the end of 2014, mobile Internet traffic is expected to surpass desktop Internet traffic.
  2. There are 2 billion smartphone users out there 
    1. A staggering 2 billion people worldwide have a mobile device. This means more and more people will be browsing the web with their shiny devices. A mobile friendly website will help you capitalize on this growing demand.
  3. Search is very popular on mobile devices 
    1. People will use their mobile devices to search on the Internet. In particular, they will search for businesses that are close to their location. In fact, after social networking, search is the second most popular user activity. A mobile friendly website will help you get discovered and connect with consumers.
  4. Moblie users spend money 
    1. Whether you’re selling online or locally, connecting with mobile users is good business. That’s because mobile users have higher incomes and stronger spending habits than desktop users. In addition, mobile users have a stronger trust and more confidence when buying via a mobile device.
  5. Mobile friendly sites reach all audiences 
    1. We love apps, but unfortunately not everybody will download, let alone use your app. That’s why a mobile friendly website is important. With a mobile friendly website, you’re accessible to anyone with a smartphone or tablet. Simply put, you’re just a click away.
  6. It’s a better user experience 
    1. Unless your site is optimized for mobile, it’s probably a nightmare to use. Users are greeted with type that’s too small and they are forced to scroll or pinch to navigate your site.  A mobile friendly website creates a much better user experience.  Fonts are readable, navigation is easy and information is accessible.
  7. Social media is mobile 
    1. Social media is the most popular activity on mobile devices. Go to the major social media websites and you’ll discover they are all optimized for mobile. Users have come to expect this from social media and it’s only a matter of time when they will expect it from every website.
  8. A mobile friendly website gives you a compeitive advantage 
    1. Most businesses don’t have a mobile web strategy, let alone a mobile friendly website. With a mobile site you are staying ahead of the technology curve. People will perceive your business as progressive, user focused and technologically advanced. This is a huge competitive advantage.
  9. Make a bolder statement and stronger brand impression
    1. Your business has invested significant dollars and resources into branding … so don’t let that go to waste with a sloppy mobile presentation.
  10. Data speeds are getting better and faster 
    1. Mobile carriers have invested heavily in infrastructure. Over the past years we have seen data speeds on mobile devices increase dramatically. Connectivity has improved too. It’s only going to get better which will lead to more customers and more mobile traffic.
  11. Search engines are investing heavily in mobile search technology 
    1. Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! index mobile and mobile-friendly sites separately from non-mobile sites. In addition, these companies are investing heavily in the development of mobile technolgy that leads to faster and better search results. They visualize that mobile search will soon be the most popular way to search on the Internet.

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