Website Design Process

Our Website Design Process

We offer complete website solutions that deliver real results for our clients. We create websites that not only look great but also brings in business, and we support our clients with prompt, friendly service. We take the time to understand your requirements so we can most effectively create a website that meets your needs.

  • Contact Us:
    • Call or email us to discuss your website requirements or ideas. Our friendly and experienced consultants can answer any questions you may have. Alternately if  you have selected a  web design package that fits your requirements  and submit the details about your new project, we will review the specifications and contact you within 24 hours.   
  • Place your Order:
    • We will collect 100% up-front payment of the total fee that is due  from the client prior to commencement of services . However this condition can be relaxed to certain clients / packages on case to case basis. After we receive the deposit we will email you our design brief.
  • Complete the Design Brief:
    • The design brief is a detailed questionnaire which gives you the opportunity to tell us about your business, the type of customers you would like to attract, the sort of image you wish to project through your website and the overall look and feel you would like to create.
  • Submit the Design Brief:
    • Send your completed design brief back to us along with the content, artwork, logos or images you wish to include in the design.
  • Website Content:
    • This is probably the most difficult part of the process for most people, but we are here to help you and advise on the content. We cannot write it for you, you know your business better than us, but we understand websites and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so we can provide valuable input and advice.
  • Choose your domain name:
    • A domain name is important and can help with your search engine rankings. We can give you advice on this. If you already have a domain name, please  transfer it to us to manage for you. If it is a new domain we can register it for you
  • The Design Process:
    • The design brief, along with any additional information you provide, is submitted to our design team. Your project manager will be assigned and will explain exactly what we need to make the web design process continue as smooth as possible.
    • Within 7 to 10 days of receiving your completed brief, one of our talented graphic artists will work with you to come up with ideas for your website design that speaks your brand and is consistent with today’s web design and usability trends. From there, the designer will finalize the design and present you with two/three primary design concepts based on your package chosen.
    • You choose your favourite concept and liaise with your Creative designer who will make any changes to create the design you want. Once you are happy with the design, you will “sign off” and your website will move into the development phase, where it will be built
  • The Development Process:
    • Next up is development. During this phase of the project, we assign the approved website graphics to a developer. They transform the design into a functional rough draft of your website. At this step, the entire web design process is nearing completion. We will present the rough draft to you for review, with your provided content added. After receiving your feedback on the initial review, we make edits and adjustments while polishing the finished product. We present the working website to you again for your review. This is the last phase of the project.
  • Email Addresses :
    • We will set up your email addresses and provide you with instructions on how to set them up on your computer.
  • The Handover:
    • You'll let us know when you're ready for us to make your new website live and we'll open your site to the public on your chosen domain name!
  • Ongoing Support:
    • We provide free, ongoing technical support once your website is up-and-running. Our people know how to listen, so if you ever have any questions or technical issues, we'll be there help.